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Our cutting-edge 360° greenscreen studio revolutionizes content creation with its full 360-degree backdrop, allowing for shooting from any angle. Ideal for dynamic shots and virtual production, the studio features high-quality lighting and sound systems to ensure professional results. 

Our advanced illumination roof provides superior lighting for all production needs. With an adjustable system, it ensures even, high-quality illumination, eliminating shadows and enhancing visual quality. Ideal for filmmakers, content creators, and businesses, it supports film, photography, live streaming, and virtual reality, offering consistent, professional lighting for all your projects.

Enhance your production with our versatile green props. Seamlessly blending with our greenscreen studio, these props allow easy integration of visual effects and virtual backgrounds. Ideal for filmmakers, content creators, and businesses, our green props support film, photography, live streaming, and virtual reality projects, ensuring smooth and realistic visual transitions.


Green Ranger Studios is a cutting-edge 360° greenscreen studio located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Our studio is designed to meet the needs of filmmakers, content creators, and businesses looking to leverage the power of immersive, high-quality video production.

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